Friday, July 25, 2014

The Patient Pursuit of Holiness

The pursuit of holiness is more than righteous indignation at sin. In a community of believers, it requires patience and long-suffering. It requires burden-sharing.

Think of the way the Lord—our holy God—has dealt with us. Bountifully. Patiently. With long-suffering and kindness. With sacrifice. His steadfast love endures forever. This is not contingent on our performance and works but rather on God's promises. Since turning to God in faith many years ago, have I maintained holiness of heart and deed? Not a chance. Has God remained faithful and holy, even in the midst of my unholiness? Yes, he has. And he will. God continues to push me (and pull me!) towards holiness, even when I am unwilling, unfaithful, and adamant about pursuing my own selfish ends. Yet he perseveres, and he preserves me. He is patient with me as the transformation takes place.

A holy God's faithfulness in the amidst of our unholiness has huge implications for us as a community committed to holiness. And it turns things on their head, in typical Kingdom fashion. We think of holiness as being "set apart," blameless, without sin, and utterly pure—singularly righteous. Yet in our communal pursuit of holiness, we are called to wade through each other's muck and yuck, with patience, in order that we may be refined, like gold being put through the fire. We are called to restore people, to be patient with them, and to forgive them.

Why must we put ourselves in the wake others' sin if we are pursuing the absence of sin? Because it reflects the character of a holy God, who did the same for us. "For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God" (2 Cor. 5:21). Because God wanted us to be free from sin, he entered into our sin. It was the only way. When you are a slave and prisoner (to your sin), someone has to come to the prison and set you free. You cannot break your own shackles. Christ had to do it. Once he did it, with all authority in Heaven and on earth given to him by the Father, he told us to do the same. And then he gave us the same authority and the same power.

So with all the authority of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we were commissioned to enter into peoples' brokenness, in pursuit of holiness. Think about this. Let it imbue your marrow.

Holiness does not retreat from darkness. Rather, it shines forth a brilliant light into the darkness that seeks to envelop us. And in order for the light to reach every corner of our hearts, we have to search out the dark places together. For holiness.

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