Friday, June 21, 2013

Where did the time go?

Have you ever wondered how time just slips away,
Unnoticed, it slyly meshes day to day?
Or do we say that time has a tendency to fade,
Until we see things and wonder if they were memories once made?

What is it about the relationship between time and the mind,
that makes it speed up or come to a grind?
Why in moments of joy does time seem to whirl past,
but when bored or alone even a blink will last?

Even though we distort its timely perception,
time marches on without tarry or deception.
Until one day when time will cease moving forward,
where we will be taken to our eternal reward.

And then we will know what we've felt all along;
some things are timeless, and this time we won't be wrong.


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  2. is this a song? I want to hear it!

  3. It's not a song (yet). But thanks for the idea! I'm gonna play it on my Banjitar...