Friday, April 12, 2013

We really do hold life cheaply

I cannot understand it. There are positions that people-of-a-certain-worldview take that are morally irreconcilable in my mind. Unless you hold life cheaply, that is. And never has it been more clear than now that our society holds life cheaply.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist, is on trial for the murder of 7 babies and one woman. I will spare you the gory details—they are horrific and barbaric—but they are far worse than anyone originally imagined.

What throws me for a loop is the national media's obvious silence on reporting this case, America's Nuremberg if there ever was one. Several conservative and religious bloggers have lamented this fact—and even one pro-choice supporter has called the media to account for this abhorrence. You can read them here, here, and here (for the pro-choice scathing rebuke).

In a world where morality is objective, the actions of the mainstream media are morally irreconcilable. But we don't live in such a world—well, we do live in such a world, but it is not perceived as such.

I will admit that I am outraged over this. And rightfully so, I believe. It is a grave injustice that this happened in the first place. But it is even more illuminating of our culture that the very people who profess to give a voice to the powerless are absolutely silent now.

Why? Jesus, Why?

Why do we hold life so cheaply? Aren't we made in the image of God?

People will do unimaginable things for that which they worship. For those who worship the triune God, they will do unimaginably good, sacrificial, and wondrous deeds for Christ. For those that worship self, the same applies, but to a disastrous end. This is because we were never meant to be worshiped. The idol of self, working its way like leaven through the loaf, leads to the horrific end of slaughtering countless innocent lives. Worship of God, however, leads to the beginning of life.

Where did we go wrong? We believed Satan's lie in the Garden of Eden, and we've been believing it ever since. We need to repent. Now.


  1. Some coverage by The Atlantic... Somewhat mainstream national media.

    1. Yeah I sent the article around my office and had to warn people about its nature.