Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The next measure

I can say with confidence that my favorite day of each month is the first Monday of that month. It is when Sojourn gathers to pray for ourselves, each other, and our city. But this isn't your ordinary, stodgy, frozen chosen prayer meet'n. No, these gatherings can get lively. And intense. This should come as no surprise given the heart of the people who show up to these things.

One of the greatest aspects of Sojourn's prayer gatherings is that people do not show up out of some sense of duty, as if they were getting credit for time served. No, they show up with hearts laid bare, asking of the Lord, "how would you use us?" They have a genuine desire to see the Holy Spirit move among them and in our city. Broken hearts, pleading with God. This is the first step to fomenting revival in this town. O Lord, let it be.

These gatherings are also immensely beneficial to our church as a body. This is where we can come and know the reality of our relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ. More than any other time, this is where we openly plead with the Holy Spirit to show us how he dwells in us as a body. "Show us the power of the indwelling of your Spirit. Show us." And we are thus shown, in mighty ways. The physical and spiritual bonds between us are renewed and strengthened through this corporate prayer. We move towards Christ as we become one body, one mind, under one Lord. This has staggering implications for how we live together as a community, in the bond of love. We are bound together by God himself in common purpose. We are bound, not with chains, but with relationships. And these relationships bear witness to Christ himself in the world. Let it be true of us, O Lord.

After chewing on it for a bit, some flavors stand out among the rest: family, strength, unity, love, thankfulness, power, depth, mission, ultimate reality. These are things we are working towards as a body when we come to the Father in corporate prayer. "Lord, enlarge your family, and commune with us, your children!" Just imagine the ecstasy when, as Christ reigns forever in the New Creation, we will experience these things fully, together, with Him. Let that reality sink in for a bit. And so we can pray in confidence, knowing that these things will take place, even as they have not happened yet. Yet. Soon. 

So when you come to next month's prayer gathering, remember that we are pleading with God to usher in the ultimate reality of his presence. He does it, one step at a time, and for that we should be ever thankful. But let's not hesitate to ask for the full measure, in confidence. Why not? We have it as a secure hope, don't we?

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