Friday, January 4, 2013

Why the story matters...

The great stories of literature display truth in a sort of aesthetic way that makes your heart say "Oh, that's good." The greatest story, though, is the Truth—God's word. It forms a narrative that makes sense of life, nature, and everything in between. It's one big story, and it's our story. That's an incredible statement, so let's think it through.

Most people in the Evangelical crowd are familiar with the Creation-Fall-Redemption-Restoration narrative that describes scripture as a contiguous narrative. Many books could be written—and I'm sure they have been written—on the creation, fall, and redemption, but I want to focus briefly on the restoration of God's people and how it fits into our tiny lives today.

In Revelation—specifically chapters 21 and 22—we see some incredible things happen to and for God's people. Those things will surely happen to us, but they haven't happened yet. We are currently living inside the story—our everyday lives are part of the story of all scripture. We share the story of Adam, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and all of Israel. Those who are in Christ should recognize that the God who deals with us today is the same God who dealt with Israel in Exodus, Judges, and the Prophets. Our God doesn't change, and so the story doesn't change either. 

Because we are a part of this grand story, everything that happens around us is a part of that story as well. Therefore, we should look to the completed story in written form (the Word) in order to interpret the living story we find ourselves in. It's all interconnected, whether you want it to be or not. When you think about it, this has wondrous implications for how we look at our lives and the things happening in them. We already know the ending—it's guaranteed by the Spirit (2 Cor. 5:5). So let us walk in faith that the ending really is secure, that we know where we are headed. It frees us up to live confidently in this wonderful story.

It's kind of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Let's take each little piece and hold it up to the box cover to see where it fits. And let's be confident that on the box is a beautiful picture, even if the puzzle piece is bland. 

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