Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scratch your head and laugh along the way

I want to take a quick moment and explain my purposes here. First, the blog name. Why is it called "Radicem?" Well, Google tells me that radicem is Latin for "root." And I believe that, at the root, everything is connected by truth—specifically the truth of the Lordship of Christ over the entire universe. And because He has spoken to us about these things, I want us to listen, wherever His voice may be found.

More broadly, though, I want to use this blog as a platform to sharpen my thinking and develop my writing skills as it pertains to truth-finding. Rarely will people tolerate my soap-boxes in civilized society, so this will be a place for that too. I might even throw in a short story or series of poems. You never get better at writing overall unless you practice with your worst type of writing. In other words, I like blogging, so I should probably practice my short story form. And then I'll move on to poetry; it's all connected somehow.

In the end, I hope this blog serves to teach, to encourage, and to challenge people in their thinking. And, I hope you'll scratch your head and laugh along the way.

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